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Space Planning
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It All Starts With A Plan

Evalutions by Aubuchon designers turn your simple floor plans into exceptional spaces. It all starts with space planning. From bedrooms to boardrooms, we’ve customized spaces to meet the needs and requirements of a variety of clients. We maximize usage and eliminate mismanaged spaces.

Innovation & Imagination

During the space planning process, we work to solve problems, innovate designs, and create a space that exceeds your expectations. Our designers collaborate with you to consider how your space will be used and how we can make the most of it.
Get the best functionality out of each room.

What To Consider When Space Planning

Before you pick your furniture or lighting fixtures it is essential to consider what you want the room to do. Some of the most important considerations are:

  • What are the primary and secondary functions of the room?
  • Who is using the room? Children? Pets?
  • Any special needs/disabilities that need to be addressed in the design?
  • What type of lighting does the room have?
  • What is the natural flow of the room?
  • Is there adequate storage forthe functionality?

Our experienced team of designers will work with you to determine the answers to these questions and more to make sure your space matches your style and meets your needs.

Visualize Your Space

At Evalutions by Aubuchon, we know it all starts with visual communication. Using sketches, materials, finishes, and storyboards we help you visualize exactly how your layout and design will look.


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