Our Process

How it Works

Why Choose Evalutions?

Our process is simple. We’re with you every step of the way. Our full-service, award-winning design group turns your ultimate Southwest Florida lifestyle into amazing interior designs.

Exploring Your Lifestyle

Before the design and development really begin, we make it a point to get to know each and every one of our clients. A consultation appointment with one of our Senior Designers starts from $475 for a two hour session.  Our personal approach includes taking the time to understand the lifestyles of our clients, their unique desires and ideas, and then using this as a springboard for the creative process.

Design & Development

We sit down with you to find out not only want you want out of your space but what you need. We bring your style to the design. We take the simple floor plans and go over the options to bring your unique personality into the design.


We know that seeing is believing. In the schematics stage we bring the design and development to life. We’ll scale your layout so that you can comprehend how your space will look and function upon completion.


It’s time to really bring your design to life. At Evalutions, we see your design project all the way through installation. As designers, we coordinate with the contractors to make sure that your vision is carried through to reality.

Client Satisfaction

We ensure this is part of every step of the process. Even with all the beautiful furnishings and accessories that decorate a home, the designers understand the homeowners make the difference. You’re opinion is the only opinion that matters.


Ready for a unique, stylish space?
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