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Evalutions by Aubuchon

Looking for a room makeover?  Our interior designers can transform your vision into reality. Contact us today.

The award-winning interior design group launched its business in 2001 by Southwest Florida homebuilder Aubuchon Homes. As its homebuilding business was taking off, Aubuchon Homes recognized the need for a fine design studio to complement its team of inhouse architects, builders, craftsmen and real estate experts.  The vision of creating the ultimate Florida lifestyle resulted in the amazing Evalutions by Aubuchon, a full-service design group. Today, Evalutions has turned more than 250 homeowners' dream into reality. 

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Evalutions by Aubuchon has been the recipient of many industry awards for best interior design and has been honored by:

  • The Lee Building Industry Association
  • The Cape Coral Construction Industry Association
  • and given the:
  • The prestigious The Pinnacle Award - by the BIA
  • designs are featured in:
  • The BIA and CCCIA Parade of Homes

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The Difference Is Personal

Looking to Build your dream home?  We can help. Our interior designers can transform your vision into reality. Contact us today.

As a team with more than 70 years combined experience and a wealth of resources at their fingertips, the Evalutions design group approaches each new assignment and each new homeowner in a very personal manner. In fact, even with all the beautiful furnishings and accessories that decorate a home, the designers understand the homeowners make the difference.

Their personal approach includes taking the time to understand the lifestyles of their clients, their unique desires and ideas, and then using this as a springboard for the creative process that follows.

Cutting Edge Interior Design for Budgets of all Sizes

  • Award-Winning Designs
  • Space Planning
  • Home or Room Makeovers
  • Architectural Detailing
  • Floor and Wall Coverings
  • Window Treatments
  • Furniture and Accessories Showroom
  • Interior Design Consulting

Enjoy The Experience

Like magic, it starts with a concept from the homeowner and results in a home that reflects the unique personalities of those who inspired it. Along the way, relationships are born, ideas are shared and dreams come true.

Contact Us for a personal consultation with one of our award winning designers today, 239.549.6881. 

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